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    The greatest place for LGBT people to experience all the wonderful things that come from participation in team sports.

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    Bylaws & Rules

    Our bylaws describe our mission, vision, and operating principles. The authoritative version of the bylaws will always be available on our website.  

     National Gay Flag Football League Bylaws - Approved February 2020


    The NGFFL has a specific set of rules that governs the annual Gay Bowl tournament. Some of these rules are identical to college football rules such as:

    ·      QB is across the line of scrimmage (and therefore cannot make a legal forward pass) if either of his feet are across the line.
    ·      Receiver needs to get one foot in bounds with possession of ball for a legal catch.
    ·      Downfield blocking is allowed after a receiver makes a catch or during a running play.

     However, there are many other rules that are unique to flag football such as:

    ·      Only one down per series allowed that advances beyond the line of scrimmage and does not include a legal forward pass.
    ·      There is no penalty for intentional grounding by the QB.
    ·      No flag guarding is allowed.
    ·      Receivers cannot contact the defenders when coming off the line of scrimmage. Once offensive receivers pass or occupy the same yard line as a defender, that defender cannot
    obstruct the receiver’s opportunity to move freely about the field. 
    ·      When rushing as a defender, you must be beyond the neutral zone -- 5 yards off the line of scrimmage. Other players may not cross the line of scrimmage until said designated
    rusher has crossed the line of scrimmage first.

    Rule change proposals/suggestions are taken from member cities once per year, due around July 1 to the Director of Officials. Rule changes must be voted on and approved by a majority vote of the NGFFL board, and then shall be considered by member cities. If a majority of member cities approve, the rule change becomes effective with the next Gay Bowl. Updated rules, which highlight changes year-to-year, are provided to all member cities and posted here every year

     2019-2020 NGFFL Rulebook - Finalized on August 1, 2019

     Gay Bowl Rules Summary

    To propose a rule change, please email our Director of Officials, Lance Burage at lance@ngffl.com. A brief summary is adequate, and if approved, the Director will write up the rule in the format necessary to fit the rule book.