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    The greatest place for LGBT people to experience all the wonderful things that come from participation in team sports.

    Contact Us

    Thurman Williams Commissioner thurman@ngffl.com
    Sam Lehman Treasurer sam@ngffl.com
    Joel Horton Director of Operations & Special Projects joel@ngffl.com
    O.T. Porter Director of Communications otiz@ngffl.com
    Shigeo James Iwamiya Gay Bowl Liaison shigeo@ngffl.com
    Timothy Winter Director of Outreach & Membership tim@ngffl.com
    Bob Giannino Director of Corporate Sponsorship bob@ngffl.com
    Lance Burage Director of Officials lance@ngffl.com
    Leslie Goldstein Women's Division Liaison  leslie@ngffl.com
    Steve Cramsie Branding & Web Design steve@ngffl.com

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